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Together We Can Make a Difference

By Holly Branam, Youth First, Inc.  We are living in a unique time in history. Schools have been closed, events are cancelled and businesses are just now beginning to reopen their doors. We have experienced the loss of so many familiar things. Routines have changed and aspects of our lives are delayed indefinitely. Although we […]


Forum for Stressed-Out Parents and Caregivers

You are not alone! Parents everywhere are struggling to care for their kids, help them with school work, and manage their own work while homebound by the COVID-19 crisis. Join us for this Facebook Live chat with a panel of parents/experts who will help sharpen your parenting (and teaching) superpowers. They will share better ways […]


Managing Your Child’s Fears During the Pandemic

By Shannon Loehrlein, Youth First, Inc.  COVID-19 has led us into uncharted territory. Never before have schools across the country closed because of a pandemic.   As adults we may be worried about the future. How long will schools and businesses remain closed? We may also be worried about how closures will affect our monthly bills, […]


Add Some Positivity to Your News Feed

By Jordan Beach, Youth First, Inc. With the current global health crisis, it seems like we are surrounded by doom-and-gloom information at all times. It’s easy to find negative news everywhere we look – on TV, on social media, and in written news.  More than ever, it is very important for us to be mindful […]