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Keeping Your Student Engaged

By Jordan Beach, LSW – August 20, 2019 The beginning of the school year is full of excitement that helps our students start out with a fire in their souls. Unfortunately, that new excitement seems to wear off quickly, which leaves parents scrambling and struggling to look for ways to keep their children engaged. Sometimes […]


How to Make Sleep a Priority

By Krisi Mattingly, LCSW – August 6, 2019 Sleep deprivation is an epidemic in America today. Poor sleep habits have been linked to problems like depression, anxiety, ADHD, increased risk for heart disease and cancer, memory issues, compromised immune system, and weight gain.  Students are busier than ever with more expectations and demands of their […]

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Hoosier Uplands Awards $20,000 to Youth First, Inc.

Gift Supports the Social and Emotional Needs of Students in Orange County In a presentation at Orleans Elementary School on July 30, Hoosier Uplands awarded $20,000 to Youth First, Inc. to strengthen the social and emotional well-being of students in Orange County. Youth First partners with school districts to embed social workers in school buildings, […]


Getting Child’s Medical Needs Met at School

By Lynn Bell, LCSW – July 30, 2019 If you are a parent of a child with a chronic medical condition such as diabetes, asthma, allergies, cystic fibrosis, epilepsy, etc., your child may require specialized accommodations at school. Your child’s needs may require individual arrangements for homework, tests, attendance, and medication dispensation. There are important […]


Easing Your Child into a New School

By Mary Haas, MSW – July 23, 2019 Change is hard for most of us. We typically don’t welcome change fearlessly with arms wide open. Transitions are sometimes our greatest fear and can provoke anxiety, even in adults. When faced with changing schools, our child can share these same fears. Even though change is inevitably […]


Blended Families Can Work

By Aisha Givens, LCSW – July 16, 2019 Blended families or stepfamilies are more common than ever. These families form when two partners make a life together with children from previous relationships. When families blend, it is rarely a smooth or easy process. These new families often form after a death, divorce, or separation of […]


The Technological Scare

By Jenna Kruse, MSW – July 9, 2019 Technology has become a large part of our society; we depend on it to learn, inform, and connect with others daily. However, it can have negative effects as well.          Most of us probably know a young child who watches YouTube regularly. How often do we stop to […]