Heidi Mikac, LSW, Youth First Social Worker at Paul Hadley Middle School in Morgan County 

Heidi is a Youth First Social Worker who knows the importance of having mental health professionals available for young students. Heidi says, “I’ve always had a passion for working with students and Youth First gave me an opportunity to help kids who are struggling in school.” 

Heidi has been thrilled to work with students at Paul Hadley Middle School and help them overcome their hurdles.

“I love Paul Hadley Middle School. The staff here is supportive and I’m able to use my creativity to help kids deal with their issues. Last week, I had two eighth graders who said they didn’t want to be friends anymore. They were yelling and crying in my office. I was able to talk them through it and help them understand how important communication is. After speaking with them individually, they were able to calm down and talk to each other peacefully. They are now friends again and one of the girls told me today that she wants to change her behavior. Specifically, she wants to work on her anger towards her peers.”   

Heidi says that Youth First changed her life by, “…helping me understand who I am as a social worker and how meaningful my job truly is.”