Nolan Miller, LSW, Youth First Social Worker at Lynnville Elementary School and Elberfeld Elementary School in Warrick County

Nolan Miller is a Youth First Social Worker who is deeply committed to providing support for students in times of need. He says that sometimes the most rewarding conversations with students occur when he can help them cope with stressors that everyone is experiencing.

“One of the most meaningful moments that I have experienced came from a student who came to me crying. This student has a strong support system at home, and I have been working with them on some anxiety that they have been feeling due to the pandemic. When a family member close to them became very ill, they came straight to me for support. I was able to work through the stress and the anxiety that came from the worry about the thought of losing someone close to you. This moment is meaningful to me because I was able to help a student through something that we all are worried about, which is losing someone to Covid.”  

Nolan says he feels Youth First has changed his life by giving him the chance to help youth and make a real difference.

“Youth First isn’t just an agency that makes a difference in the community. They also should be viewed as the gold standard on how to take care of their employees. I have, along with my wife, had experiences where the job had taken over our personal life and were overworked. There are times at this job when I have trouble leaving work at work, but that is of my own choice and it creates a passion for me to do better every day.

The number one thing that keeps me here is that I never feel like I am alone. I have great supports around me that are always around to lend a helping hand or to check in on me. This support comes from other co-workers and supervisors and I am blessed to have such a supporting staff around me at both of my schools. Being that this is my first year, I could not ask for a better situation to be put in for my career.”