Social Workers = Superheroes! Abby Betz, LSW, Youth First Social Worker at Holy Trinity Catholic School – East and Central Campuses, Washington Catholic Elementary School, and Washington Catholic Middle/High School 

Youth First Social Worker Abby Betz is no stranger to the importance of having access to positive role models at school. Both of Abby’s parents are retired teachers who share a passion for supporting young students with their daughter.

Abby said she was drawn to Youth First because, “I saw the impact my parents had on their students throughout the years and I knew working in a school environment was going to the best fit for me in achieving my dream of working with and providing support to students of all ages.”

Since Abby has been with Youth First, she’s had countless opportunities to change the lives of students for the better. Abby is currently providing support to students at a total of four schools in Daviess and Dubois Counties.

Abby says, “I will always remember the first day at my new school this year when a student whom I had never met before came up to me and said, “Your shirt says happiness (on it) because you are here to help people be happy.” I knew then I was at the right place and was doing what I was meant to be doing!”

Her love of working in schools, with all the students, staff, and families is what Abby says keeps her at Youth First.

 “It is great having a tribe of social workers to whom I can ask questions, seek advice or suggestions for best practices/interventions, learn about different resources, and to lean on for support. Youth First has changed my life in that I feel extremely blessed to get to do what I love to do throughout the school year and take care of my school family, but then have the opportunity to spend summers with my sons, being present and watching them grow.