Social Workers = Superheroes! Abril Hatfield, LSW, Youth First Social Worker for Outreach and Engagement

Today’s Social Worker=Superhero Spotlight features Abril Hatfield, LSW, Youth First Social Worker for outreach and engagement.

Abril embodies the incredible commitment and dedication that is required of Youth First Social Workers. Abril is specifically focused on ensuring that Spanish-speaking families have access to community resources and Youth First services.

After completing her internships with Youth First, Abril knew she found a home where she could grow and learn while striving to make a difference in the lives of kids and families.

“I am very happy working with Youth First because of the support they’ve given me since the day I started here. Youth First definitely has the best supervisors who are always answering your call and give you direction when you feel out of your comfort zone.”

Each day, Abril works hard to break down language barriers and provide families with the services they need. Abril says this is the work that motivates her the most.

“The most meaningful moments for me are when I get positive feedback from principals, teachers, counselors, and especially parents. When I offer support for parents and students and we speak in Spanish together, that connection is something that means everything for some of them. I know firsthand that feeling, when you just want to speak your own language for one second and share your feelings and concerns. That freedom is refreshing for so many students and their families.

Youth First definitely gave me a purpose in life. Feeling capable of doing this work and having the opportunity to offer support for so many Hispanic families hasn’t just changed my life, it’s also changing the lives of so many students and their families. I am very grateful for the opportunity they’ve given me. I am so happy to be part of Youth First and continue our mission and to help our diverse communities to thrive and help the students and families succeed.”