Brooke Skipper, LCSW, Youth First Social Worker at Evansville Bosse High School

Youth First Social Worker Brooke Skipper loves being able to make an immediate impact on students by meeting them where they are in their time of need.

Many of the students I work with do not have access to outside services for a variety of reasons. Youth First removes those barriers by placing social workers directly in the school. I am able to provide at-risk youth therapy and support on a consistent basis. I love being able to meet students where they are in their immediate time of need.”

Knowing she has had an impact on their lives confirms that she is in the right place. Brooke says, “When former students take the time to contact me and update me on their life, it is always meaningful. I love hearing how they have grown since leaving high school! I am blessed to be able to be viewed as a lifeline for them. It reaffirms the work I do on a daily basis.

Brooke also highly values the support system she has in her fellow Youth First Social Workers. “Being the only Youth First employee in a school building, you might feel a bit isolated. However, the bond Youth First colleagues form with each other makes all the difference. We strengthen each other emotionally and professionally.

Thank you for the impactful work you do with students and families every day, Brooke!