Encouraging Empathy


 Objective and Purpose: To introduce the basic concept of empathy and learn how to show empathy to self and others. 

Empathy is valuing other people’s feelings and opinions. Empathy is the ability to express compassion to self and others that are different from you. Showing empathy is a great way to help lower overwhelmed feelings caused by stress. So how can you practice showing empathy today? What can you do for someone at home to brighten their day? Is there a task that a caregiver wants you to complete that you’ve been hesitant to do? Have you been rude or hateful to anyone lately? Have you resolved conflict in a healthy way? Try writing a letter or sending an email to someone that could use a pick me up. Take time today to rekindle a friendship or reach out to a grandparent. While focusing your energy on being empathetic, here is a list of reflection questions to answer and consider. Take 30 minutes to bring someone joy. It will do your heart a lot of good.