Mindfulness Art Activity


 Materials needed: 

  • Card stock or plain white paper 
  • Pencil 
  • Markers
  • Watercolors, colored pencils, paint, or any other medium you prefer 

Grounding Activity: 

To begin, lay down your piece of paper. Place one hand on the paper, then press your hand into the surface. Notice where on your hands you notice pressure and how the paper feels under your hands. Then, slowly open and close your fingers to feel your fingers glide over the paper. Repeat with your other hand on the paper. 

Next, trace your hands with a pencil. As you trace, notice how the pencil feels along your fingers. After you’ve traced both hands, continue to lightly press your hands into the paper. 

Notice how your hand feels connected to the surface. As you feel connected to the surface, feel your connection below your own surface. What emotion are you feeling right now in this moment? Where in your body do you feel that emotion? Can you connect this area to your hand? 

Art Activity: 

Now that you have traced your hands, begin drawing inside of the hands any way you would like showing your emotions. See the examples below. 

The example demonstrates writing feeling words in each finger to show the two sides of feelings on separate hands based on how they felt during a particular event. On one hand, it describes hopeful and excited feelings. On the other hand, it describes nervous feelings about the same event. Then you can use colors to represent those two different experiences as well. 

Feel free to use colored pencils, water color, paint, markers or any other type of art medium you prefer. Use colors that best represent how you feel. Then, share your amazing creation with someone! 

Source: Counselor Keri