Social Workers = Superheroes! Kayla Fein, LSW, Youth First Social Worker at North Posey Jr. High in Posey County

Youth First Social Worker Kayla Fein was immediately drawn to Youth First because of the important role the organization plays in children’s lives.

“I am a firm believer that a child needs to have an outlet within the school that is safe for them to process things happening in their life so that they can then focus on what they are doing in school. Sometimes these kids don’t have anyone other than their school social worker to talk to and actually be heard and it is such an honor to be that person for them.

Some of the most meaningful moments I have had since starting with Youth First are the moments when you are about to finish up a session with a kid and they thank you for being willing to talk to them and for actually listening. So many times these kids don’t feel they have a voice or anyone to truly listen to them. It feels good to know I can be that person for them.

What keeps me at Youth First is the environment and support from everyone in the agency. I have never felt so immediately accepted and supported as I did when I hired on with Youth First.  Youth First has allowed me the opportunity to grow and develop as a social worker through the work I do within the school building as well as additional training opportunities offered by Youth First. I am grateful to be a part of this team.”