Social Workers = Superheroes! Jenna Kruse, LSW, Youth First Social Worker at Holy Rosary Catholic School in Vanderburgh County

Jenna Kruse is a Youth First Social Worker who is dedicated to being a source of comfort to her students. Jenna says she was drawn to Youth First “for the opportunity to work with kids in a different light”

“I continue to love the opportunity to work on a team with the teachers and administrators. I truly love the students and staff I work with and feel motivated to provide a safe place and bring comfort during difficult moments.  The students spend more time at school during the week than at home and this allows for lots of time to make a really outstanding impact for each student. When the kids stop by my office to say “hi”, or give a hug or handshake (pre-COVID), it enforces the importance of strong relationships and the difference it makes.”

There are some moments that Jenna says she’ll never forget. “A student asked if she could draw a picture. After she was done, I asked her to share about it, and she said “It is you and I, Ms. Kruse. I am going to put it in my drawer next to my bed so if I ever get scared, you’ll be there with me.”  I also love when students that aren’t on my caseload ask to see me and when I ask why they need to they reply, “Because my friend sees you and said you’re awesome!”

Jenna is committed to making a difference in the lives of her students, but she says that working for Youth First has enriched her own life as well.

“Youth First has provided me with a positive community. I feel so loved and accepted at Holy Rosary and feel truly blessed to have found these students and parents. The teachers and administrators are willing to do anything to help the students and the parents are great advocates and supports for Youth First services.  I love the support the Youth First social work community provides. The fact that the social workers can bounce ideas off each other and reach out to ask for, or provide, support makes it a very special place to be.­”