Mary Haas, LSW, Youth First Social Worker at Evansville Christian School

Youth First Social Worker Mary Haas, who serves Evansville Christian School, knows first-hand what it means to benefit from the lifesaving services Youth First provides.

Mary says, “Youth First saved my life. I received services years ago when I was a student.  I felt hopeless. I was facing many obstacles, such as my parents going through a divorce, peer pressure, substance and alcohol abuse, and relational issues. I was in so much pain and there were times where I questioned whether it was worth it to be alive. Having access to a Youth First Social Worker gave me someone within my school who cared, someone who truly made me feel like I mattered. It gave me the hope of a future to believe in. I share this because I think it is important to know my story is not unusual. The reality is, our students face these exact feelings and challenges (and many more) every day.  If Youth First had not been in my school, I do not know where my life would be right now.”

“I consider it an honor and a privilege to work as a Youth First Social Worker among these true superheroes, who encourage and uplift each other when supporting students and families is tough.”

With tears in her eyes, Mary says, “I had a meaningful moment with a student facing a lot of adversity recently, who said: ‘You are like a barrier, a barrier of safety when others are around you. That is how I feel.’ This is the gift of the work I get to do as  Youth First Social Worker, the same gift I was given so many years ago.”