Megan LaRue, LSW, Youth First Social Worker at Orleans Elementary, Orleans Jr./Sr. High Schools

Youth First Social Worker Megan LaRue, LSW, supports students and families in Orange County in the Orleans Community School Corporation. Megan talks about the rewards of the work she does for Youth First: “I have had countless students write notes, send cards, or stop me in the hallway to tell me thank you for helping them stay safe. Everyone is familiar with me now and knows that I’m there if they need help. On one occasion, I accidentally created a traffic jam in the hallway because an entire kindergarten class stopped to give me hugs. There are so many daily demonstrations of why these connections matter!”

“Youth First has allowed for me to see children and to see schools from such a unique perspective. I feel that you never truly understand the influence your educational experience can have until you’ve seen a school from the other side of things. The school setting has the opportunity to provide support, resources, and so many things that children just aren’t getting at home, and I feel so optimistic about the future of public education.”

Thank you, Megan, for the special way you touch the hearts of Orange County children and their families!