Ashley Underwood, LCSW, Youth First Social Worker at Loge Elementary School and Sharon Elementary School in Warrick County

Ashley Underwood is a Youth First Social Worker who believes in the importance of having readily available mental health advocates for young people. Ashley says that Youth First’s mission and values are a big part of what drew her to the agency.

“Strengthening youth and families is something that I have worked to do since I started social work, and Youth First gives me the opportunity to do so! Also, having worked with other mental health agencies previously, I knew the reputation of Youth First is a very positive one.”

Through her time with elementary aged students, Ashley has collected many positive memories from her interactions with students.

There have been so many meaningful moments that I could share, but I will share this one. At one of my schools, the 5th grade students were asked to write a letter to a person that has impacted their life in a positive way. One of my students chose to write about me out of everyone that they could choose from. I felt so much joy reading what they wrote and being able to see from their view how the work we do impacts them and changes lives!”

Youth First has positively changed my life because it allows me to do what I love every day. I am so grateful to be working with the students/staff/families in Warrick County, and feel blessed each day to be able to do so!”