Let’s Get Physical – and Emotional


Boys and girls of all ages enjoy this activity. It is an opportunity to move around and do something fun while still engaging in conversation. When children are actively doing something they are more likely to open up without feeling pressured to talk.

This activity can be played inside or outside with any sport the child enjoys. Basketball can be played outside or inside using a small basketball hoop and ball that can be purchased inexpensively from Dollar Tree or other household items including a small basket with crumpled up paper.

Soccer could be played with a laundry basket and ball inside as well as outside. Hockey could easily be played with a broom and basket as well. Adjust the activity based on the child’s preference and items you already have.

Join in on this activity with your child and model appropriate answers. Each time a basket or goal is made, the person who made the goal describes a time when they felt sad, happy, angry, etc. For example – “I feel sad when someone makes fun of me” or “I feel happy when I get a good grade on a test.”

This game can also be played to increase self-confidence. When each individual scores they can describe something about themselves that they feel good about. For example – “I am good at basketball” or “I am creative.”