Youth First Highlights Ashley Manship – Social Work Week 2022

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Ashley Manship, LSW – Youth First Social Worker at Paoli Jr./Sr. High School and Throop Elementary in Orange County

Q: What called you to become a social worker?

A: I’ve always had the strong desire to help and advocate for others. 

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

A: Working with children and hearing/seeing positive outcomes and praises they give to me. 

Q:  What does mental health mean to you?

A:  Mental health means all of you. How is all of you doing? How are you handling your life, your relationships, your school/career life, your physical health? 

Q: Which mental health tools/strategies do you think are the most impactful or effective for students?

A: Building a trusting relationship through engagement, empathy, reflective listening, and guidance.  

Q: In what ways has the Covid-19 pandemic affected youth mental health?

A: Covid-19 has slowed the world down for them. It has taken away opportunities for them to grow, learn, and have essential social experiences. Some students have been in school for 2 years and have never eaten their breakfast in a cafeteria or been on a field trip.

Q: How has social work influenced the way you view younger generations?

A: Social work is all about meeting the client where they are. When working with the younger generations you are constantly viewing the world through their eyes. It keeps me in the realization that they have real and heavy conflicts/problems that have major impacts on them.