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Recognizing Anxiety in Children

By Mary Haas, LSW -January 20, 2021- Have you ever been nervous going into a job interview? What about paying bills on time, meeting goals at work, or questioning whether we are doing this whole parenting thing right? Being an adult is hard! Trying to raise kids and do this whole “life thing” can feel […]


Celebrating Diversity with Your Children

By Danielle Tessier, Communications & Development Assistant- January 14, 2021- It’s finally 2021. We can relish our goodbyes to a year that brought more strife and challenges than any of us bargained for. Although 2020 is over, all of the problems we’ve faced will not miraculously disappear. With a coronavirus vaccine already in distribution across […]


Tips for Virtual Learning

By Jessie Laughlin, LSW -January 6, 2021- “New normal” is a phrase we’ve heard a lot of lately. Staying in for dinner, wearing masks, keeping six feet of distance, and using lots of hand sanitizer are all commonplace in our lives. While these new elements in our routines can be inconvenient, all have become part […]


Start With Love

By Niki Walls, LSW -December 29, 2020- Parents and guardians are always searching for answers to questions about raising children in today’s world. While developments in technology and popular culture have changed many aspects of childhood over time, one thing that has not changed is that our children need love from a caring adult more […]


Approaching the New Year with Gratitude

By Laura Keys, LCSW- December 22, 2020 – Let’s face it, 2020 has been a year like no other. The pandemic, racial tensions, a divisive election, raging wildfires and so much more have filled our lives with loss, chaos, and immeasurable stress.  Even the most positive and stable people have been pushed to the limit […]


Kindness: The Most Precious Gift You Can Give this Year

By Danielle Tessier, Communications & Development Assistant 2020 has required all of us to dig deep within ourselves to cultivate more patience and kindness. Our trips to the grocery store have become more stressful and hectic. Our work spaces have changed completely. Our interactions with others have been cut to a fraction of what they […]


Adjusting to a Different Holiday Season- Part One

By Nolan Miller, LSW- December 2, 2020- Just like a lot of things these days, the upcoming holidays will be different this year. Extended family get-togethers are not safe, and our traditions might not look the same as they did in previous years.  Change isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however. As we get closer to […]

Helping Children Learn to Express Powerful Emotions

By Megan Shake, LSW- November 25, 2020- They can happen anywhere – the grocery store, the doctor’s office, restaurants, school, or home. If your child is prone to meltdowns, you know they can strike at any time and any place! The first step in helping children manage meltdowns is to understand why the meltdowns are […]

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Instilling an Attitude of Gratitude

By Jana Pritchett, Communications Manager -November 17, 2020- Even though this year may be a little bit different, as Thanksgiving nears many of us are focused on holiday traditions – eating turkey and pumpkin pie, celebrating with family, and shopping on Black Friday.  However, as we gather around the table, it’s also a great time […]