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Encouraging Responsibility in our Children

By Christine Weinzapfel-Hayden, MSW, LCSW, Youth First, Inc. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “the days are long, but the years are short.” Nothing makes that feel more true than when preparing your youngest to fly the coop. Looking back on my years of parenting there is a lot I have learned, trial by fire […]


Helping a Child Grieve

By Callie Sanders, MSW, LSW, Youth First, Inc. Did you know that children experience grief differently than adults? Most children are aware of death even if they do not understand it fully. Experiencing grief firsthand can be very confusing to children at any age. They may go from upset and crying one minute, to play and positivity the next. […]

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Regulating Emotions

By Valorie Dassel, MSW, LCSW, LCAC, Youth First, Inc. In the era of social media, we’ve probably all watched a viral video of an adult throwing a temper tantrum in public. Imagine if the people in those videos had the skills to calm themselves down before expressing a reaction. If they were able express their […]


How to Help Your Perfectionist Child

By Brooke Skipper, MSW, LCSW, Youth First, Inc. If you have a perfectionist child, you most likely already know it. You’ve witnessed the crying episodes, self-doubt, and meltdowns. Perfectionist children set unrealistic goals and then place enormous pressure on themselves to reach those goals. While it’s good for kids to hold high expectations of themselves, […]


“Smart” Ways of Managing Anxiety

By Heather Miller, MSW, LCSW, Youth First, Inc. Sometimes anxiety happens without much warning. One minute everything is fine. The next minute, “what- ifs” can become all consuming.  Typically, teens and adults have a smartphone readily accessible. It may be feasible to grab your phone and try the following tips to help manage anxiety. Anxiety is a […]


Fidgets: They Are Not Just Toys

By Lisa Glahn, MSW, LSW, Youth First, Inc. From time to time, we all have the need to burn off energy; some more than others. Personally, I tend to click my pens, bounce my legs, and tap my feet. Sometimes I am not even aware that I am fidgeting until someone calls my attention to it. This can be […]


Improving Your Family’s Emotional Communication

By Camryn Cater, MSW, LSW, Youth First, Inc. Emotional communication is a key component in our lives. It helps us form relationships and make connections with family, friends, coworkers, and even strangers. As children learn to emotionally connect and communicate with others, they are building emotional skillsets that will help them develop relationships for the […]


Why is Executive Functioning Important?

By Diane VanCleave, MSW, LCSW, Youth First, Inc. Some say, “If parenting does not feel like white knuckle time, you’re not doing it right.” Parenting has its complexities and challenges, and a parent or caretaker needs to provide age-appropriate guidance. A child’s growth progresses through executive function efficiency. Executive function (EF) is the interconnection and […]