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Rewarding Positive Behaviors

By Diane Braun, Project Manager – March 10, 2021 – Most children crave attention, not only from their peers, but also from the adults in their lives. They will search for ways to be in the spotlight, whether positive or negative, in order to get a reaction from those around them. Parents should always strive […]

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Alcoa Foundation Awards $30,000 to Youth First, Inc.

In a presentation on March 5, Alcoa Foundation awarded $30,000 to Youth First, Inc. to support school-based social work programs and services that strengthen the social and emotional well-being for thousands of Warrick County students. Youth First partners with school districts across Indiana to embed social workers in school buildings, where they become specialized mentors […]

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7 Sisters Supports Youth First, Inc. for Growth at Holy Rosary Catholic School

Youth First, Inc. is celebrating a $5,000 donation from 7 Sisters to strengthen the social and emotional well-being of students at Holy Rosary Catholic School. The generous gift from 7 Sisters was presented to Youth First to support Walking for Dreams 2020, a family walk that helps local non-profit organizations raise much-needed funds. Youth First […]


Building Confidence in Adolescent Girls

By Youth First Staff – March 3, 2021 – Growing up can be challenging. Some stages in our lives are notoriously more difficult than others. Most of us remember our various “awkward” phases that took place throughout our time in elementary and middle school. During those years, even the smallest failure could feel like defeat.  […]