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Help for Stressed Out Kids

By Vicki Kirkman, LCSW, LCAC – May 13, 2022 – Stress is a natural part of life and something that everyone experiences.  It can be positive or negative and affect your daily life greatly if not managed appropriately. In some situations, stress can motivate us to do better or work toward hard-to-reach goals. Other circumstances can […]


Promoting Secure Attachments

By Taylor Dore, Youth First Social Work Intern – 04/28/2022 Building a secure attachment between you and your child begins when they are born. Your baby cries to express a need and you, as the caregiver, respond by meeting that need. By doing this consistently, your child learns that they can trust you to meet […]


Co-Occurring Disorders in Adolescence

By Rachel Haug, LCSW – April 19, 2022 Adolescence is a time of rapid brain and body development through the onset of puberty, which will begin to influence both your child’s physical and mental health. During this time, a young person can begin to develop symptoms that may support a mental health diagnosis, especially if […]


Trauma and the Brain

By Megan Shake, LSW – April 19, 2022 Childhood trauma is defined as adverse childhood experiences that are emotionally painful or distressful. Trauma can be caused by a multitude of things, including but not limited to, physical abuse or neglect, emotional abuse or neglect, sexual abuse, death of a loved one, separation from a family […]


Learning How to Fail

By Jayme Waddell, LSW – April 12, 2022 As a parent, my goal is always to help my children succeed. However, I have realized that kids actually need help learning how to fail. When we fail, we have the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and eventually succeed. This isn’t necessarily a new idea but […]


Eat Delicious Pizza, Help Kids!

Join us for a Youth First Give Back at Azzip Pizza on Tuesday, April 12. Use this coupon, and 20% of your purchases, including gift cards, comes back to Youth First to provide vital support to Indiana students and families. If ordering online, use code GIVEBACK04. Azzip locations participating include Evansville East, North and West.