“Chopped” Cooking Competition


For some family fun with your teen, have a “Chopped” Cooking Competition! 

Most of us have heard of the Food Network’s cooking competition show, “Chopped,” where four chefs face off against one another to prepare an amazing three-course meal consisting of an appetizer, entrée and dessert. The catch is that they have to use only the ingredients the show provides them. 

You can have your own version of a cooking competition using only ingredients in your house! (Make sure to make participants aware of any “off limits” ingredients.) 

Set a timer, designate one family member to be the judge, and the rest of you can start cooking to compete for the best dish in the house! 

When your family sits down to try the dishes, get conversation “cooking” too with these questions: 

  • Share what you liked best about the experience. 
  • What was difficult about the challenge? 
  • What would you have changed about the meal you prepared? 
  • Talk about your favorite food. 
  • What types of dishes would you like to create next?