Focus on What You Can Control

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Often times our anxiety and thoughts can take over and make us feel like we don’t have much control. One way to combat this is to focus on what we can control. However, it can sometimes be a struggle to identify these things when we are feeling anxious. 

Identify and write out some things that you CAN control. Keep them in a jar and when your emotions feel out of control, pull one out to complete the activity, reflect, or even journal about the topic. 

Here is a list of examples you can use or help guide you to create your own. Things I CAN control: 

  • Keeping my word 
  • How I talk to myself 
  • When and if I forgive others 
  • How truthful and honest I am 
  • When I take mindful breaths 
  • The goals I set for myself 
  • When I need and break (and actually take one) 
  • Treating others with kindness 
  • How much effort I put into things 
  • When I ask for help 
  • How I respond to challenges 
  • Reminding myself I am enough and worthy 
  • How I take care of my body