Healthy Relationships with Your Teen

  • Read the same chapter of a book each day and discuss it. 
  • Find a mutual interest in a TV show or movie and watch it together. 
  • Leave positive and encouraging notes for them around the house. 
  • Be present. 
  • Get up and move. Do activities together that at least make you break a sweat. 
  • Get lots of fresh air. 
  • Discover their abilities and challenge them. 
  • Be a good listener. Sometimes they just need you to listen. No advice, no direct-ing…only listening. 
  • Validate their feelings. 
  • They are never too old for hugs! 
  • Eat at least one meal together each day. 
  • Have schedules, rules, consequences and chores. 
  • Don’t expect perfection and have grace for one another. 
  • Encourage teenagers to follow their passions and help them learn how to go about this. 
  • Encourage a growth mindset and set goals together.