Get Creative with Homemade Mandalas


Objective and Purpose: Reteach the basic concepts of mindfulness and gratitude. Teach students how to utilize mandalas in a fun and engaging way.

Mindfulness acronym: P.A.O.P. = Paying Attention on Purpose

Gratitude acronym: G.E.T. = Give Enough Time

How is your body feeling today? How are you doing emotionally? What are you grateful for? It can be fun to take time out of your day to create a mandala. It is a skill that can be used to help with stress management. A mandala is a complex abstract design that is usually in circular form. Mandalas have one identifiable center point with symbols, shapes, and forms. You can choose whatever shapes and colors you feel express your sense of self. Take 15-30 minutes to utilize your creative outlet daily and enjoy creating a mandala. This is an example of a homemade mandala. Ask before making a mandala with food. Get other family members involved. Also, if weather permits, go outside and create a mandala together. Here is an example of a homemade mandala.