Memory Mandala


Mandalas are traditionally used in many eastern spiritual traditions as a tool to aid meditation.

The object is to create a circle of memories and to spend time learning about what each family member holds as a significant memory for them. This activity is used to build communication, acceptance, and deeper connection.

Task: Establish an area in your home that is available for creating a large circle (i.e. table, floor space, etc.) 

  1. Each person in the home should spend some time going through old photos, trinkets, keepsakes, jewelry, letters, etc. Each person must come back with at least 5 items of significance that mean something or hold a memory of someone special to them. 
  2. Each person will go around and describe their first item and what significance it holds for them (one at a time). You will then place your first item down. 
  3. Then each person will move onto their next item until all 5 items have been explained  by each person. 

Have fun connecting and creating a circle of love and memories! 

Source: Therapist Aid