Fighting Fair


Parent-child relationships can start being strained as your adolescent navigates junior high and the process of growing up. You may find yourself fighting with your kid more often. Below are some helpful things to keep in mind! 

  • Before you begin, ask yourself why you feel upset. 
  • Discuss one issue at a time. 
  • No degrading language. 
  • Express your feelings with words and take responsibility. 
  • Take turns talking. 
  • No stonewalling (refusing to talk). 
  • No yelling. 
  • Take a time-out if things get too heated. o Allow yourself time to cool off before talking. 
  • Attempt to come to a compromise. 

The worksheet in the PDF is for each parent and adolescent to fill out their own. Then sit and listen as you read to each other. Use the skills above to understand the other’s perspective and talk through the conflict. 

Source: Therapist Aid