Night Out – But In


Can you have a “night out” without leaving the comfort of your home? Sure!

Despite how much we may yearn for our sweats when we are working away from home all day, they may get old eventually.

Lots of us have fun weekend outings we look forward to all week long where we can dress up and get out to do something cultured or meaningful to us. This COVID-19 quarantine situation may offer an opportunity to have the best of both worlds!

Set a date with your family where you all shower, dress up, do your hair and makeup, and meet on the couch at a certain time. Agree on some virtual options for your night out in your living room. Lots of museums are giving virtual tours, student performers are posting their cancelled performances, and zoos are offering learning opportunities for the whole family!

Use some of these links to get started and enjoy your “night out—but in!”