Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

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Expressing gratitude is proven to help individuals experience more positive emotions, improve their mental health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. Take time to complete this scavenger hunt; think about each object you find and the positive role it plays in your daily life.

  • Find something outside you enjoy looking at
  • Find something that is useful to you
  • Find something that is your favorite color
  • Find something you know someone else will really enjoy (And show them!)
  • Find something that makes YOU happy
  • Find something that tastes yummy
  • Find something that smells amazing
  • Discover something new
  • Find something or someplace that makes you feel safe
  • Find something that makes a beautiful sound
  • Find someone you are grateful for
  • Find something that is unique to you
  • Find something that makes you laugh
  • Find something in the night that you enjoy
  • Find something in the morning that brings you happiness
  • Find a friend, family member or pet that you enjoy being with
  • Find your favorite place to spend alone time
  • Find something that reminds you of the people you love
  • Find something you enjoy doing outside with friends
  • Find a place that you love

Source: Natural Beach Living